Time Tracking

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Chronotan is a timetracking software for self-employed persons, freelancers and anyone who wants to keep an eye on working time. Chronotan offers task management, password manager, note function and customer management.

Chronotan has been used since 2007 by us and our customers for the billing of the daily work. Originally developed as "potareos", Chronotan is now an important part of the used software inhouse. A completely refactored version 2 is currently being developed.

  • Administration of unlimited number of projects and subprojects
  • Assignment to any categories
  • Customer management and assignment to times and tasks
  • Coloring of projects
  • Full-text search over all content
  • Encrypted database
  • Access protection with password
  • Activity Monitor detects inactivity and offers adjustments to the times
  • note function
  • Quick view for projects
  • Various evaluations
  • Import and export functions
  • Different currencies for projects
  • Switch, backup and recovery for database


  • Easy start-stop function
  • Accurate billing by seconds
  • Adjustment of hourly rates
  • Editing of time-parts, even during recording
  • Display by project, cross-project or customer-based
  • Enter times manually
  • Overwriting money billing values for external / export without affecting the actual times
  • Moving times or projects to other projects
  • Define times as invoiced
  • Filter view by time period, billing, customers, etc.
  • Total value calculation with and without subprojects
  • Calculating of effective hourly rates, deviations from project times and resulting values


  • Main and subordinate tasks
  • Scheduling
  • Priority
  • Project assignment and evaluation
  • Filter by customer and status
  • Display by project or cross-project
  • Priority representation
  • Completion of main tasks when sub-tasks have been completed

Other function

  • Format adjustments for date, time or week numbering independent of the operating system
  • Edit and convert currencies for projects
  • Show customer-specific project times with open and invoiced times
  • Diverse leaping possibilities between content
  • Character set adaptations for export
  • Definition of different default values